Air Through Bonded

Shalag has the capability to produce materials at a wide range of basis weights ranging from 18 to 120gsm. Shalag can accurately blend different types of fibers chosen from a variety of fiber options such as: PE/PP, PE/PET, PP/PET Bico fibers, different types of PET fibers, natural absorbent fibers and biodegradable fibers. This allows Shalag to produce custom blends that meet specific guidelines and requirements.

Calender Bonded

Calender-bonded materials are produced at a weight range of 10-100gsm, using various types of calender engraving patterns. Shalag incorporates manmade thermoplastic fibers as well as natural absorbent fibers in the production of a wide range of products for the hygiene and wipes markets. Shalag has developed a process to produce a 100% fiber wipe substrate without any chemicals or binders using up-to 60% non-thermoplastic absorbent fibers.

Slitting and Winding

Shalag has developed a one-stage online process for slitting and winding rolls – no unwinding/rewinding – for a more efficient process that results in better quality nonwovens.
Shalag’s unique slitting and winding process can be used to produce rolls at a minimum slit width of 30mm.


Shalag offers in-house spooling capabilities utilizing both traverse and step spooling methods.

Slit width (spooled materials):
40-120 mm.

Max. spool diameter:
1,200 mm.

Max. spool width:
820 mm.